1. 悪習慣を断つ。
2. 善い習慣を形成する。
3. 今この瞬間の務めに細心の注意を向ける。
4. やらなければならないことは力強く直ちに行う。
5. 法則に則って生きる。
6. 舌を制御する。
7. マインドを制御する。


In the training of the will the first step is the breaking away from bad habits.

He who has succeeded in grasping this simple, preliminary truth will perceive that the whole science of will-cultivation is embodied in the following seven rules:
1. Break off bad habits.
2. Form good habits.
3. Give scrupulous attention to the duty of the present moment.
4. Do vigorously, and at once, whatever has to be done.
5. Live by rule.
6. Control the tongue.
7. Control the mind.

Anyone who earnestly meditates upon, and diligently practices, the above rules will not fail to develop that purity of purpose and power of will which will enable him to successfully cope with every difficulty, and pass triumphantly through every emergency.
『ジェームズ・アレン365日 毎日の瞑想(原題:James Allen’s book of meditations for Every Day in the Year)』より
ジェームズ・アレン(James Allen, 1864-1912)
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