Train your mind to grasp the Great Law of Causation which is unfailing justice.

Then you will see, not with fleshly eyes, but with the pure and single eye of Truth. You will then understand your nature perceiving how, as a mental being, you have evolved through countless ages of experience, how you have risen, through an unbroken line of lives, from low to high, and from high to higher still—how the ever-changing tendencies of the mind have been built up by thought and action—how your deeds have made you what you are. Thus, understanding your own nature, you will understand the nature of all beings, and will dwell always in compassion. You will understand the Great Law, not only universally and in the abstract, but also in its particular application to individuals. Then self will be ended. It will be dispersed like a cloud, and Truth will be all in all.

Find no room for hatred, no room for self, no room for sorrow.
『ジェームズ・アレン365日 毎日の瞑想(原題:James Allen’s book of meditations for Every Day in the Year)』より
ジェームズ・アレン(James Allen, 1864-1912)
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