Lack of sympathy arises in egotism; sympathy arises in love.

Sympathy leads us to the hearts of all men, so that we become spiritually united to them, and when they suffer we feel the pain ; when they are glad, we rejoice with them ; when they are despised and persecuted, we spiritually descend with them into the depths, and take into our hearts their humiliation and distress ; and he who has this binding, uniting spirit of sympathy can never be cynical and condemnatory, can never pass thoughtless and cruel judgments upon his fellows, because in his tenderness of heart he is ever with them in their pain.

But to have reached this ripened sympathy, it must needs be that he has loved much, suffered much, and sounded the dark depths of sorrow. It springs from acquaintance with the profoundest experiences, so that a man has had conceit, thoughtlessness, and selfishness burnt out of his heart.

Sympathy, in its real and profound sense, is oneness with others in their strivings and sufferings.
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ジェームズ・アレン(James Allen, 1864-1912)
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